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Skylar Bukszar 

Skylar is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Ohio.  She graduated with her master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Akron.


In her own words:

Everyone deserves to feel a sense of peace and happiness in their lives. As we all know, life tends to have other plans that can make that peace and happiness feel out of reach. As your therapist, my priority is to join you on that journey of discovery. Whether it is anxiety taking over, unresolved conflicts in your relationships, learning more about your emotions, or wanting a stronger relationship with your spouse or child, I want to join you on this journey through collaboration. As a couple and family therapist, I welcome couples, families, and individuals who are committed to growth.

I have my masters in family and marriage therapy. I have experience working with children/adolescents on the autism spectrum. Along with working with children/adolescents, I had the honor of collaborating with their families. Whether it’s rebuilding the child/parent relationship, processing trauma, managing anxiety, or exploring thoughts/emotions, I am here.

No one should feel alone during the therapy process. It is a vulnerable time in an individual's life that should be filled with comfort, safety, and patience. Your voice matters. You matter. If you feel that I may be the right fit to join you on your therapy journey, please reach out.

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