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Gabrielle Gallet de St. Aurin

Gabrielle is a Independent Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Ohio.  She graduated with her master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Certificate in Systemic Multicultural Counseling from Appalachian State University.


In her own words:

When we live in spaces of meeting other people’s expectations, how can we ever discover who we authentically are? My role as a therapist is to create a space where you are able to be authentically yourself. We are not simple and isolated beings. We are influenced and impacted by various different relationships and experiences throughout our lives. There is no road map on how to be. So, let’s create it together.  I specialize in working with families of all shapes, sizes and experiences, and specifically those that identify within the LGBTQIA+ community. 


I am a couple and family therapist and certified in Systemic Multicultural Counseling, which allows me to hold space and acknowledge the multitude of different factors that influence a person, family or couple. I utilize evidence-based practices like experiential family therapy, DBT, and CBT. I also use painting, drawing, sculpture, and play with all ages.


Clients that are most successful understand that every member contributes to the function of the family and are willing to reflect on how they influence one another.  They are willing to play, self-reflect and learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I feel privileged to be able to be part of your family's journey.

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